“I feel, after training two months with Doug the way I felt in college when training daily.”
– Megan C

“Doug at 4motion fitness is incredible!! I’m getting married this year and have been working out with Doug for a few months and my dress, that was snug when I bought, is falling off of me! It’s amazing how quick clothes started fitting better and even becoming baggie and too big.

I’ve always had terrible ankle issues, Doug picked up on it without me saying anything the first day of workout and we’ve been strengthening them ever since. It’s great how he breaks everything down and makes sure you’re in good form throughout every move and exercise.

I love how we’re challenged every stage with new exercises and not only meeting but exceeding goals we’ve set!”
– Paige N

“I’ve been working out with Doug twice a week for the past four months and have made significant progress in my muscle gain, overall form, and weight loss. My energy is higher, my focus is clearer, and my clothes fit better than before. Plus, I can now lift more than twice the weight vs. when I started. I feel so strong!

In the gym, I never would have thought I could carry my body weight in kettlebells or do ab rollouts without jeopardizing my form. My performance outside of the gym has improved significantly, too. As a result of this program, I’ve shaved 10 minutes off some of my Strava PRs on my mountain bike.

Doug focuses on making every client’s workout a “challenge, not a struggle.” He pays careful attention to your motion so that you get the most out of each exercise and avoid injury. And it’s Doug’s mindset, accompanied by his extensive training and unmatched program, that keeps me coming back.

If you want to improve your performance in the mountains, stay active and be strong, then go see Doug at 4Motion Fitness.”
– Donna S

“Doug has gotten me in the best shape of my life and moving more efficiently!”
– Megan C

“Doug Pearson is the trainer I have been searching for. With Doug one gets personalized strength & conditioning & functional training in small classes in his beautiful gym by the river. I have only been there 5 times and already I am reaching greater heights on my mountain and road bikes. Thank you Doug for bringing MBSC Thrive Training to our valley!”
– Jillian L

“Keeps me motivated and my aches and pains go away when I go regularly. This place keeps me on track and feeling great!”
– Michelle B

“I have been going to Doug at 4Motion for well over a year. I I feel better, stronger and can sustain my outdoor play longer and with more enjoyment. I can hike the bowl, and not be too taxed to enjoy the powder on the way down! I have better endurance on my road and mountain bike rides. I have creeks and pains from playing at elevation and beating on my body (as I climb past 45) but I never turn down my scheduled workout because I ALWAYS feel better when I leave than when I came in. It’s like permanent physical therapy of sorts – I get instruction on modifications if I have a trouble spot (even when I had an ankle sprain), and support when I’m ready to take it up a notch. Clothes feel better, I feel better, THIS gym is better!”
– Sara S

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